Synthol Questions & Answers

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Synthrol 877™ is a site enhancement oil that bodybuilders and weightlifters are using for quick and massive gains that are almost instantly noticeable. It’s the newest trend that has gotten aot of controversy.

The Misconceptions about Synthrol 877™ abound in the popular media, and they are quite popular in the bodybuilding circle as well. Images of deformed humans who abuse the synthol products flood the internet.Less informed athletes begin to assume this to be the “typical users”. The fact is, Synthrol 877™ is commonly used by male models and Professional level bodybuilders. This articles aims to dispel some of the more common myths about Synthrol 877™.

Myth: Synthrol is a steroid.

Fact: Site enhancement oils are not a steroid at all. In fact, Site enhancing oils usually contain FDA dietary supplement grade ingredients in a formula of neutral lipids as well as benzyl alcohol as a sterilizing preservation agent.

Myth: Synthrol remains in the muscle for 3 to 5 years.

Fact: Synthrol has a half life of approximately 3 weeks in the muscle, and after 6-7 weeks, Synthrol would be almost completely absorbed by the body.

Myth: Synthrol gains are not permanent.

Fact: When Synthrol 877™ is used, in moderate amounts eg. up to a maximum of 3mL per day, with a proper training regimen, the gains obtained are permanent. Synthrol stretches the muscle fascia, allowing for greater muscle tissue growth.

Myth: Synthrol should only be used by advanced / professional bodybuilders.

Fact: Synthrol results are more dramatic on less trained individuals. There is no reason why people new to bodybuilding cannot use Synthrol.

Myth: Synthrol will cause muscles to look like “bags of oil”

Fact: If used to excess, yes, it will cause muscles to look smooth and if abused it will cause the muscle to look like a “bag of oil”. However, these are the extreme examples. Used correctly and in moderation, Synthrol will assist in accelerating normal muscle growth that appears both natural and impressive.

Myth: Synthrol is dangerous.

Fact: When used properly, Synthrol is quite safe. It produces dramatic anabolic results without interfering with hormones. However care should be taken when improperly administering, as injection into a vein could have serious consequences.

Here are a few technical facts regarding Synthrol use.
Muscle fiber stretching has been found to release insulin-like growth factor-1 and IGF-1 is a potent growth factor for skeletal muscle growth. As Synthrol also stretches the muscle fibers, this is another mechanism by which Synthrol induces muscle growth. Interestingly collagen was also found to cause up to 5 times more IGF-1 to be released, enhancing total muscle growth. This may explain why “Synthrol” the only SEO with added collagen, is so popular in the bodybuilding community.

A common misconception is that Synrthol remains in the muscle tissue for years. This is not true.
Research suggests that Synthrol would have a half life of approximately 3 weeks in the muscle, and after 6-8 weeks, the Synthrol would be completely absorbed by the body.

Scientific research is finding that fascia stretching can lead to hypertrophy which increase of muscle fibre size as well as the development of new growth of muscular fibres. This is of particular interest to those who use Synthrol for muscle strength, as it acts as a permanent stretch on the muscle. Recent evidence from several laboratories suggests strongly that fiber hyperplasia contributes to muscle mass increases and strength in adult animals and possibly human athletes.

In Summary, Science clearly proves:

#1 If used correctly: Synthrol 877™ Site Enhancement Oil is Safe.
#2 If used correctly and responsibly, the results are very natural looking and no one can tell that the muscle has been enhanced.
#3 There are legitimate health benefits.
#4 Synthrol promotes an anabolic activity and will improve strength in the particular muscle region where it is being used.