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Synthrol-877™ is the top selling brand among professional and competing bodybuilders worldwide.

The elite-sheen blend really brings out the deep muscle striations and vascularity in all muscle groups.

Legitimate Suppliers

The internet offers various brands of synthol site enhancement oils, and choosing a high quality product can be difficult.

Buying direct from us assures you are getting a 100% legitimate product. There are many counterfeit products being produced and sold.

*AUTHENTIC Synthol (Synthrol-877™) will always have a distinct round security hologram attached to the bottle.

If you would like us to review your product for authenticity, please email: [email protected]

It has been determined the following sellers are engaging in the sale and promotion of counterfeit  Synthol. These products ARE NOT real.

For A List of Legitimate Re-Sellers, Please Contact:

[email protected]