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 What is Synthol ?

Synthol site enhancement oil is a product that bodybuilders have secretly been using for decades now to enhance muscle mass, improve definition, and create perfect symmetry within their physique. Real legitimate Synthol can add 2-3″ of rock hard muscle to a bicep in as little as 30 days. Synthrol is completely legal and requires no prescription. 


The precise ingredients in synthol site enhancement oils greatly varies from one name brand to another. Synthrol 877, in a league all of its own and the exact ingredients, unique proprietary blend that CANNOT BE DUPLICATED. Regular users are very clear about the different results they receive from each brand know what works best, so most tend to stick to 1 specific brand. Over a decade ago when the secret use of synthol use was revealed, it was determined that early manufacturers had actually dosed his original formula with Testosterone propionate and other illegal anabolic steroids.

Not only was this illegal, but potentially harmful to users. In fact, many users complained of painful irritation and swelling at the site of use which made it very hard if not impossible to train that muscle. Today’s legitimate synthol products are sterile, lab prepared, ph balanced and will utilize a variety of legal anabolic like growth factors in order to deliver an explosion of new muscle growth. Products like Synthrol-877™ while pain free and not cause unwanted swelling or painful irritation of any kind. Synthrol is a proprietary blend of ingredients, perfectly calculated and formulated to deliver the desired results and maximize the gains in muscle mass.

syntholLegal status: 

Make sure to always buy a reputable name brand of Synthol, such as Synthrol-877™. Legitimate synthol site enhancement products will NOT contain any illegal ingredients. Furhtermore, rest assured your product is completely safe. Synthol sold for topical use and completely legal under all federal, state, and local laws.

Professional Bodybuilding:

Synthrol 877™ is the brand of choice among professional bodybuilders. Not only Synthrol most commonly used muscle enhancer oil in professional bodybuilding. Furthermore, this specific brand sold more than all the other brands combined ! No other site enhancement oil has ever received higher reviews.  The internet is full of amazing feedback on this product – even eBay and Amazon consumers consistently rave about the amazing results they achieved while using Synthrol 877™.

 Used on any muscle group. Synthol muscle oil most often used in the final 4 weeks prior to competing. And of course the night of the show for the most perfect appearance ever. Amateur, non competing and recreational bodybuilders will most often use synthol on their biceps for one obvious reason. IT WORKS SUPER FAST ! Using synthol on the biceps can easily add 2-3″ to a bicep in as little as 30 days. Try getting gains like that with anabolic steroids, it would take over a year at best to get gains like that. Aside from use in the biceps, Synthol oil most often used on abs, deltoids, biceps, triceps and traps.

Synthrol 877™ is a Powerful Muscle Site Enhancement Oil That is Endorsed By Professional Bodybuilders Throughout The World.